SK C&C’s multichannel system for banking built for Standard Chartered Korea was named the Best Multi-Channel Management Project by The Asian Banker and it was covered in the January Issue, SK C&C ( announced on Jan. 27.

The Asia-Pacific based trade publication company is an authoritative world-class provider of strategic intelligence on the financial industry, and it recognizes excellence in financial services and related technology innovation through an annual publication.

The multichannel project expanded Standard Chartered Koreas customer contact channels to include online and mobile platforms with the implementation of a smart banking system, thereby streamlining banking experience for customers.

The magazine recognized SK C&C’s multi-channel management system as an outstanding case of banking technology innovation for its implementation of complete accessibility of the bank’s websites and Internet banking services for the disabled, and introduction of an open solution that supports various OSs and devices.



SK C&C and Standard Chartered Korea introduced a screen reader with text-to-speech for the visually impaired, and allowed the use of a mouse-less keyboard interface. Internet banking and money transfers are now available through a process of QR code authentication instead of using the electronic certificate.

The multi-channel management solution also offers some innovative functions to customers, such as drag-and-drop money transfer for easier money transfers and a simple account information inquiry, which is available by simply rotating users’ smartphones. 

The HTML5-based solution allows the use of banking services via mobile without separate development of applications, and introduced a responsive web design technology that adjusts the display aspect ratio and menu configuration in any size and setting of different devices, including smartphones, tablet PCs and desktops.

Vice President Lee Kwang-bok, head of Strategic Business Division of SK C&C said, “All of Standard Chartered’s digital banking channels are designed to provide intuitive customer experience to everyone, including people with visual impairment.” He then added, “The multi-channel solution will help banks lead customer-centric channel innovation.”

Standard Chartered Korea won awards at the 10th Web Award Korea organized by the Korea Internet Professionals Association: The Best Homepage Award among Banks and the Best Banking Services for its Internet banking. The bank’s smartphone application ‘Breeze’ won the Best Prize at the Smart Application Award 2013 organized by the same association.


HTML5 is a markup language with new open standards used for greater graphic effects on web browsers, and the language allows greater freedom in playing videos. Any forms of content created using HTML5 can be used in other OS or a PC web environment with simple conversion and no separate development.


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