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SK C&C Enters China Headed by SK Encar.com

SK C&C (www.skcc.com) announced on April 24 that it joined forces with YunFeng Auto Sales, based in Shanghai, China, to found joint venture corporation ShangHai YunFeng Encar Used Car Sales Services LTD. This joint venture is seen as the first signal to spread SK Encar’s reputation as a symbol of customer reliance into the China’s used car market. If the used car business initiative in Shanghai,..

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2014. 4. 24. 16:46

President & CEO Chung Goes to China for Global Management

President & CEO Chung Chul-khil of SK C&C (www.skcc.com) embarks on a broader global expansion. In the opening weeks of the year, Chung chose China as the destination of his first business trip to practice MBWA, or Management by Wandering Around. “Whereas, self-management will be securely in place for SK C&C’s domestic business operations, I will personally attend to global and non-IT operations..

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2014. 1. 23. 10:46