President & CEO Chung Chul-khil of SK C&C ( embarks on a broader global expansion. In the opening weeks of the year, Chung chose China as the destination of his first business trip to practice MBWA, or Management by Wandering Around.


“Whereas, self-management will be securely in place for SK C&C’s domestic business operations, I will personally attend to global and non-IT operations, driving tangible results,” said Chung at this year’s kick-off meeting, firing up global management. With the Lunar New Year holidays only days ahead, he was in China from Jan. 21-23, visiting local SK C&C offices in Beijing, Shenyang and Shenzhen.




Chung and local staffers engaged in in-depth discussions on business statuses, market trends and plans for new businesses. During the discussions, Chung shared the company’s growth through structural innovations and successes experienced at SK C&C headquarters, and he stressed the importance of qualitative growth and change through structural innovations at the offices of SK C&C China. He further discussed the ways to have IT service businesses and non-IT businesses – such as mobile commerce, smart card businesses and EnCar business – firmly established in China as they are in Korea, to produce visible results through structural innovations within a short period of time.


Chung emphasized, “We must localize SK C&C’s many successful business models and diverse core competencies while steadily strengthening partnerships with local firms for tangible business gains.”


SK C&C is seeking new business opportunities in smart-card areas, following the establishment of various mobile commerce environments designed for China’s unique market landscape by taking part in China Unicom’s mobile wallet system establishment in October 2013. The company is also studying the market thoroughly to seek more opportunities thorough non-IT and EnCar businesses.



One of the SK C&C staffers at the discussion said, “SK C&C must invest continuously and seek business opportunities more aggressively in the non-IT areas for the company’s sustainable growth.” He also said, “Company’s global operations, including China, will gain momentum as the CEO himself is commanding the global non-IT operations.”


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