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SK C&C Named to Dow Jones Sustainability Indices for Third Consecutive Year

SK C&C (www.skcc.com) has maintained its listing on the World Indices for the third consecutive year. The Dow Jones Sustainability World Indices (DJSI) recognized the top 12.6 percent of global companies in 2014, making SK C&C one of the 319 companies incorporated, announced SK C&C on Sep. 11. This year, a total of 22 Korean companies were listed on the indices, one shy of last year’s total of 2..

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2014. 9. 11. 18:12

SK C&C Publishes 2014 Sustainability Report

SK C&C (www.skcc.com) has published 2014 Sustainability Report entitled “Happiness with SK C&C” on July 3. The Sustainability Report covers SK C&C’s sustainability performance for 2012 and 2013. The report has been published not only to disclose the company’s economic performance, which is crucial to the very survival of the company, but also its social and environmental activities and objective..

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2014. 7. 3. 11:35

SK C&C Receives Highest Rating from 2013 EFC Sustainability Evaluation

SK C&C has been named by EFC (formerly Eco-Frienter) among the best companies in sustainable management for the third consecutive year, recognized as an exemplary company with its superb performance in sustainable management in the IT service industry. SK C&C (www.skcc.com) announced on Feb. 16 that it had received an ‘S,’ the highest rating available, from 2013 EFC Sustainability Evaluation. Am..

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2014. 2. 16. 10:54