SK C&C’S ( mobile enterprise application solution NEXCORE Mobile was selected as a standard platform of the mobile office system of MetLife’s Asia-Pacific operations.

SK C&C announced on May 21 that the company had been selected as the sole partner to build a mobile office system for MetLife India.

This exclusive deal between SK C&C and MetLife was made following SK C&C’s successful completion of MOS projects for MetLife Korea and MetLife China (Peking, Shanghai and Hong Kong).

For the newly won MOS project, SK C&C will establish MetLife India’s agency portal and e-subscription system in a mobile environment based on NEXCORE Mobile.

SK C&C’s NEXCORE Mobile solution is praised highly for its high productivity and completeness as it provides almost all mobile operating systems in one platform and can be applied to all types of mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablet PCs and smart TVs, all through a single application development.

SK C&C also heightened its mobile security functions by adding functions like data encryption and automatic deletion of application contents to the existing mobile solution.

Once the project is completed, employees at MetLife India will be able to perform various insurance tasks, such as customer registration, selection of insurance products, insurance planning, e-subscription and information inquiry at the point of sale, simply by installing mobile operation app eBranch into their mobile devices, like iPad and Galaxy Tab.

Vice President Kang Tae-in, head of Financial Business Division of SK C&C, said, “We are innovating how we handle mobile insurance processes by using NEXCORE Mobile. In addition to the financial sector, we will offer global mobile platforms that will transform the mobile business environment in various industries, providing brand new ‘premium IT services.’”

Meanwhile, NEXCORE-powered Mobile Ubiquitous Life Insurance Access Network, or MULAN, developed by SK C&C for MetLife, was named the Asia’s Best Mobile Insurance Technology in the 2013 Asia Industry Award.

In 2012, mobile office system MetMobile also built by SK C&C for MetLife, won the Best Mobile Application Award at the Asia Insurance Technology Awards.

SK C&C is a South Korean total IT services provider established in 1991. The company offers IT services such as IT consulting, outsourcing, system integration, and system maintenance & repair to just about every sector of industry, including finance, communication/media, energy/chemical, logistics/services, and the public sector. SK C&C is the de facto holding company of the SK Group, South Korea’s third largest conglomerate with over $140 billion in revenues in 2012. (source: Wikipedia)

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