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SK C&C's NEXCORE Mobile Became MetLife's Mobilel Office System Platform

SK C&C’S (www.skcc.com) mobile enterprise application solution NEXCORE Mobile was selected as a standard platform of the mobile office system of MetLife’s Asia-Pacific operations. SK C&C announced on May 21 that the company had been selected as the sole partner to build a mobile office system for MetLife India. This exclusive deal between SK C&C and MetLife was made following SK C&C’s successful..

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2014. 5. 21. 11:31

SK C&C Completes E-Financial System for NH

SK C&C (www.skcc.com) announced that the completion briefing for the implementation of NH (Nonghyup) Bank’s next generation e-financial system was held at NH Bank corporate headquarters in Seoul March 27. Some 100 key staffers of SK C&C and NH, including Executive Vice President Cho Young-ho, head of IT Service Business, Senior Vice President Lee Ki-yeol, head of Strategic Business at SK C&C, Vi..

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2014. 3. 27. 11:40

SK C&C’s Banking Multichannel Project Named Best Technology Innovation

SK C&C’s multichannel system for banking built for Standard Chartered Korea was named the Best Multi-Channel Management Project by The Asian Banker and it was covered in the January Issue, SK C&C (www.skcc.com) announced on Jan. 27. The Asia-Pacific based trade publication company is an authoritative world-class provider of strategic intelligence on the financial industry, and it recognizes exce..

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2014. 1. 27. 11:58