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SK C&C Adds Identification Fucntions to Commercial Cards

SK C&C (www.skcc.com) announced on June 19 that it had completed the commercialization of a TSM product to support AT&T’s NFC Connect. CorFire, the mobile commerce business of SK C&C USA and an industry leader in mobile commerce technology, confirmed AT&T’s recent announcement of CorFire’s selection to provide SP TSM and supporting mobile applications for AT&T’s NFC services to be marketed throu..

함께해요 C&C/ News
2014. 6. 19. 16:22

Global Top Player들과 Mobile Commerce(모바일상거래)를 함께 만들어가고 있는 SK C&C

함께해요 C&C/Happiness
2014. 3. 10. 17:58