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SK C&C Partners with Hortonworks Over Big Data Business

SK C&C (www.skcc.com) announced on August 20 that it signed an MOU for big data business cooperation with Hortonworks, a global leader in open-source Hadoop software. Founded by the engineers of the original Yahoo! Hadoop team in 2011, Hortonworks is recognized as one of the three major players in Big Data Hadoop solutions along with Cloudera and MapR. The company provides a wide range of relate..

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2014. 8. 20. 15:16

SK C&C's NEXCORE Mobile Became MetLife's Mobilel Office System Platform

SK C&C’S (www.skcc.com) mobile enterprise application solution NEXCORE Mobile was selected as a standard platform of the mobile office system of MetLife’s Asia-Pacific operations. SK C&C announced on May 21 that the company had been selected as the sole partner to build a mobile office system for MetLife India. This exclusive deal between SK C&C and MetLife was made following SK C&C’s successful..

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2014. 5. 21. 11:31

SK C&C Wins IT Outsourcing Project for Korea Securities Finance Corporation at KRW 27 Billion

SK C&C (www.skcc.com) announced on May 12 that it won the IT outsourcing project for the Korea Securities Finance Corporation (KSFC) at KRW 27 billion. SK C&C has been selected as an IT outsourcing partner numerous times by KSFC since the first project together in 2004, consolidating its role as a strategic IT service partner. SK C&C has fully secured its top spot in domestic IT outsourcing with..

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2014. 5. 12. 17:56

SK C&C Receives Highest Rating from 2013 EFC Sustainability Evaluation

SK C&C has been named by EFC (formerly Eco-Frienter) among the best companies in sustainable management for the third consecutive year, recognized as an exemplary company with its superb performance in sustainable management in the IT service industry. SK C&C (www.skcc.com) announced on Feb. 16 that it had received an ‘S,’ the highest rating available, from 2013 EFC Sustainability Evaluation. Am..

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2014. 2. 16. 10:54

President & CEO Chung Goes to China for Global Management

President & CEO Chung Chul-khil of SK C&C (www.skcc.com) embarks on a broader global expansion. In the opening weeks of the year, Chung chose China as the destination of his first business trip to practice MBWA, or Management by Wandering Around. “Whereas, self-management will be securely in place for SK C&C’s domestic business operations, I will personally attend to global and non-IT operations..

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2014. 1. 23. 10:46