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SK C&C Celebrates Holiday by Sharing Happiness with Neighbors

SK C&C held a pre-holiday charity event to celebrate one of Korea’s major holidays, Chuseok, or harvest festival on Sep. 4 at a local welfare center in the city of Seongnam. This year’s event was held particularly to help the seniors living alone and other underprivileged residents and children, whom the SK C&C employees have known for over 10 years through their local volunteer activities, duri..

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2014. 9. 4. 17:39

SK C&C Received Highest Rating from 2013 Win-Win Index

SK C&C (www.skcc.com) announced on June 11 that it had received the highest rating at the 2013 Win-Win Index Evaluation organized by the National Commission for Corporate Partnership. This year’s Win-win Index Evaluation assessed 109 domestic companies, up from 74 in 2012, and only 13 of them, or 13%, received the highest rating The annual Win-win Index is released by NCCP based on assessments o..

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2014. 6. 11. 18:43

SK C&C Seeks Markets in MENA

SK C&C (www.skcc.com), while accelerating its advancement into the global market with its business lineup, is looking to get into the markets in the MENA (Middle East and North America) region through SK C&C Dubai in UAE. SK C&C announced on May 22 that its President & CEO Chung Chul-khil had visited SK C&C Dubai May 20 on his three day tour, during which, he held in depth discussions with local..

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2014. 5. 22. 18:21