SK C&C held a pre-holiday charity event to celebrate one of Korea’s major holidays, Chuseok, or harvest festival on Sep. 4 at a local welfare center in the city of Seongnam.

This year’s event was held particularly to help the seniors living alone and other underprivileged residents and children, whom the SK C&C employees have known for over 10 years through their local volunteer activities, during the holiday season.

President & CEO Chung Chul-khil of SK C&C visited Hansol Welfare Center and joined the charity event, where some 50 staffers of SK C&C, including Chung himself, along with some 300 residents of the city of Seongnam, got together to make traditional Korean rice cake songpyeon, tradionally served during the autumn harvest festival.

The rice cakes will be served along with silverware and daily necessities packaged as a gift set to 500 seniors living alone in the Seongnam area.

During the event, the employees of SK C&C worked together and shared their good will with local residents. In between making and steaming songpyeon dough the employees had chance to play various traditional festival games as well.

President and CEO Chung Chul-khil said, “This has been a precious moment where we, the SK C&C employees and the local residents, became one and shared the joy as one, and we will continue to do so by tending to the welfare of the community.”

Meanwhile, SK C&C has been providing community support through various CSR activities jointly with Hansol Welfare Center since 2005, reaching out to those in need.