SK C&C ( will run an exhibition booth titled KOREA Pavilion at the 2014 ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) World Congress in conjunction with the Korea Expressway Corporation and ITS Korea, the Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement. SK C&C is the only Korean company participating in the event.

During the exhibition event, SK C&C will introduce an electronic toll collection system, a freighter management system, a traffic management system that controls traffic flow, violation detection, and parking management, and a public transit management system that manages bus and taxi services.

Particularly, SK C&C will also introduce an RFID-based toll collection system that utilizes sticker-type decals for easier installation. Compared to the currently widespread DSRC system, or dedicated short-range communications, this application of Internet of Things, or IOT, technology will eliminate the need for purchasing electronic transponders and reduce the system installation costs by 50 percent, alleviating much of the initial installation burden.

In addition, SK C&C will demonstrate its Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), which has been developed as a smartphone application to be used to enforce traffic laws and regulations – e.g. recognition of blacklisted automobiles and parking violations.



SK C&C has been implementing large-scale, state-of-the-art ITS projects since its foundation in 2008 in cities around the world, such as Baku of Azerbaijan and Ulan Bator of Mongolia.

The city of Baku, fairly well-known for its traffic-congestion, established a comprehensive ITS over its major roads, expressways and the airport highway and improved the average traffic flow by 30 percent. And Ulan Bator’s Traffic Control Center, which opened in 2010, improved the city’s traffic safety and convenience significantly by controlling the city’s overall transportation operations and emergencies.

Vice President Do Chi-hyun, head of Global Business Division of SK C&C, said “ITS services are becoming increasingly bigger and more comprehensive, integrating city’s traffic, security, logistics and overall mid- to long-term urban development plans.” He also added, “SK C&C will lead the way in the world ITS market by combining the Big Data technologies with telecommunications and information technologies, including IoT."

Meanwhile, SK C&C plans to expand the global reach of its ITS businesses in the MENA and Latin American regions, using its fully established ITS products and experience in similar projects from the CIS nations. 

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are advanced ICT convergence technology applications in which electronic, control, information and telecommunications technologies are applied in the existing field of transport, including infrastructure, vehicles and traffic control systems.

The 2014 ITS World Congress, which is expected to draw 250 companies from 75 countries, is an international meeting and exhibition that delegates from government agencies, research institutions, and ITS service providers gather to show new and high-value systems and services and seek technological cooperation and collaborations.