SK C&C ( began the ICT center infrastructure implementation project for the National Pension Service (NPS) on August 28,  

SK C&C will build the ICT center for NPS following the ICT center infrastructure implementation project for Korea Electric Power Co. (KEPCO) in Naju, proving its sole dominance in ICT center building.

SK C&C will be responsible for building the overall infrastructure – e.g. power supply systems such as UPS and batteries, central control, security, and telecommunications – of the ICT center that is under construction at Jeonju Innovation City to which KEPCO is slated to relocate in 2015.

SK C&C plans to offer a ‘Green ICT Center’ environment with high-efficiency and eco-friendly features, for which necessary infrastructure facilities will be built within the center.

The ICT center will be equipped with an energy efficient HVAC system allowing liquid- and free-cooling simultaneously. Free-cooling chillers, when applied, produce chilled water from the natural outside air during winter, reducing unnecessary power consumption. HVAC systems of ICT centers are considered a power guzzler for their infamous high power consumption.

SK C&C plans to save energy further by 20 percent using energy efficient solutions and installing high efficiency equipment, such as gasification humidifiers and closed-circuit cooling towers.

Enhanced safety features, including redundant power supplies through a UPS system, batteries, and power distribution boards within the computer rooms, that will secure service continuity of the ICT center, will also be provided. These features will allow an impeccable response to power outages as severe as nationwide blackouts through activation of the UPS system and emergency backup power supplies. Furthermore, a central command center and global positioning system of the ICT center will offer a perfect security system safeguarding the IT assets of NPS.

Vice President Lee Mun-jin, head of Strategic Business Development Division of SK C&C said, “We will make NPS’ IT Center among the most efficient in the world based on our experience from constructing SK C&C’s own Daedeok Data Center, which is known as one of the best green data centers in Korea, and we will also provide top-notch premium services to NPS by preventing all foreseeable risks that may arise from running an IDC center.”