SK C&C ( has published 2014 Sustainability Report entitled “Happiness with SK C&C” on July 3. The Sustainability Report covers SK C&C’s sustainability performance for 2012 and 2013.

The report has been published not only to disclose the company’s economic performance, which is crucial to the very survival of the company, but also its social and environmental activities and objectives, to demonstrate the company’s commitment to sustainable development.

SK C&C published its first Sustainability Report in 2012.



The report also contains details of the ways in which SK C&C works to address issues raised through sustainability assessments conducted in part by its stakeholders, as well as the application of global GIR G4 guidelines for improved reporting principles and standard disclosures. SK C&C applied and met the Comprehensive Level of “in Accordance” criteria, for the guidelines, demonstrating its high level of disclosures.

In pursuit of happiness for all stakeholders and for sustainable development, SK C&C secures a stable profit structure through business diversification, including security and logistics on top of its prominent IT service business

The report also introduces SK C&C’s continued efforts in shared growth and CSR, which include a total of 21 shared growth programs run by SK C&C, such as shared growth funds, and CSR programs with full anticipation of its employees in conjunction with IT and local communities.

President & CEO Chung Chul-khil of SK C&C said, “We will provide differentiated value to our customers through premium services, boost happiness of our employees through communication and caring, and achieve sustainable shared growth for us all through sharing with our business partners and local communities.”

SK C&C has been listed on the DJSI World for three consecutive years since 2012, and in 2013, the company was named the DJSI Industry Leader, which is awarded to companies with exemplary performance in sustainability within their respective fields of industry.

SK C&C has been recognized for its continued sustainability efforts internally and externally, winning numerous awards and recognition, including an A rating from Corporate Governance Service’s ESG Evaluation and an A rating from the Carbon Disclosure Project, joining of the UN Global Compact, the Best Company title from the Win-Win Growth Committee, and the Company with the best Labor-Management Relations award from the Ministry of Employment and Labor.

SK C&C’s Sustainability Reports are available on