SK C&C ( announced on June 18 that it had won the project to build the Naju Integrated ICT Center infrastructure for KEPCO, or Korea Electric Power Corporation, and broke ground. SK C&C will set up an infrastructure, including an uninterrupted power supply, generators and batteries, for the ICT center, which is being built prior to the scheduled relocation of KEPCO to the city of Naju in 2015.

For this project, SK C&C plans to provide a green IT center environment with ensured stability and eco-friendliness by obtaining Korea’s first Tier-III datacenter certification. This Tier Certification by US-based advisory organization Uptime Institute is a world-renowned data center certification, which determines stability and availability of major infrastructures in construction and machinery and grades them in four tiers from Tier-I to Tier-IV (highest). Tier-III certification is given to data centers capable of conducting service interruption-free maintenance 24/7/365. Tier-III certification has been given to ICT center designs in Korea before; however, it was the first Tier-III certification given in actually building a data center.

SK C&C will provide heightened stability through redundant power supplies by installing emergency generators and a UPS for downtime-free operation of the data center, which will convert its power supply to the UPS followed by power produced by emergency generators during power outages. Moreover, secured availability and scalability for expansion of the facility will enable interruption-fee operation during maintenance.

General Manager Lee Mun-jin, head of Strategic Business Development Team of SK C&C, said, “We will built a round-the-clock interruption-free ICT center for KEPCO based on our data center building and operation experience gained from SK C&C’s very own, top-notch green facility Daedeok Data Center.” Lee also added, “High-quality, premium IT services that will prevent any foreseeable data center operation risks.”

KEPCO’s new 4-story Integrated ICT Center is being built in Naju, Jeonra Provice, to which KEPCO plans to relocate all of its data center facilities and equipment from its current data center located in Seoul.