SK C&C ( announced on Aug. 28 that it had launched TOMS, a comprehensive IT outsourcing solution/service pack.

TOMS, comprised of SK C&C’s IT outsourcing competencies and services accumulated over 20 years, is used not only in IT outsourcing but also in system integration (SI) as customers can select and immediately apply the solution or service they need.


TOMS solutions and services have been adopted by key SK Group subsidiaries and 37 businesses and agencies in public as well as financial, manufacturing and service sectors, including Koreaexim Bank, Korea Finance Corporation, MetLife, Korea Securities Finance Corporation, KB (Kookmin Bank), Korea Investment & Securities, Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI), EBS, Korea Land & Housing Corporation (LH), Ulsan University Hospital, and Yeosu Expo.


TOMS offers every system required for IT outsourcing services through its line-up of solutions and services. The services include: 1) SOL, a system management solution, 2) PD-MASTER, a database performance manager, 3) NEXCORE-OMS, an outsourcing management system, 4) Dash Board, an IT management analyzer and displayer, 5) Desk, an IT workflow manager, 6) SLM, a service level manager, 7) Code-Inspector, a code inspecting tool, 8) Anycatcher, a server manager, and 9) Anycatcher, and 10) Tok , a mobile support.   


SOL, in particular, automates inspection of major systems and servers and evaluates and diagnoses the level of operations for each service, server, operating body and operator in real-time. The solution improves the failure management and response by pinpointing the areas that require special attention.


TOMS also provides not only the IT service level management in line with the business targets by mapping the IT services and components that the clients need but also resources distribution through workload intensity analysis. 


TOMS, which has globally accredited ITIL-based processes embedded, offers real-time tracking and monitoring of on-going operations and allows an user friendly interface where users can create, edit and delete their work through simple mouse maneuvers of drag and drop.  


Lee Ki-Yeol, head of the Strategic Business Group stated, “TOMS ensures the implementation and operation of fast and stable IT outsourcing services of varying levels for different business needs and IT environment of our customers,” and added, “As Korea’s foremost IT outsourcing solution and service provider, we will continue to generate customer value and enhance the quality of Korea’s IT outsourcing services.”


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